ROBOCOP – Official Trailer (2014)

ROBOCOP - Official Trailer (2014)After much wait and speculation the first trailer for RoboCop2014 has finally been released. In addition to RoboCop blowing stuff up and fighting crime, the … …

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20 Responses to “ROBOCOP – Official Trailer (2014)”

  1. Dallas Marks says:

    Looks awsome!!!!

  2. lostinfantry says:

    Censors have become a lot more restrictive in terms of blood and gore over the years.

  3. Maike Wesley says:


  4. Dallas Marks says:

    To George Harrison fuck u

  5. George Harrison says:

    is this pg-13 crap??

  6. Marcelo Alves da Silva says:

    Give it a break. It is NOT the same Robocop of the 80s. That actors on that movie sucked big time. Robocop 2 and 3 were cr.a.p. The first robocop was running on DOS and had step motors movements. Can you guys leave off the melancholy of your lost youth and watch this movies as what it is – a revisited story?

  7. Edgard Lepré says:

    well… he need a soft hand to touch her skin baby cock ( I guess that he didn’t loose her cock too). The first robocop need a super iron hand to give plasure to his super metal robocock!!!

  8. MrTordek says:

    Agreed loose the hand

  9. George Harrison says:

    Fuck that, RoboCain would tear this new Robocop limb from limb, and Hobbs was the shit. fuck this pg13 bullshit. the Original was NC-17.

  10. George Harrison says:

    and loose the hand!!!!

  11. Ynffy says:

    I thought we agreed on a total Michael Jackson prosthesis… give the hand a glove!

  12. Pao Xiong says:

    From the trailer alone the oiginal looks a lot better

  13. goodfellajuan says:

    looks familiar

  14. MrTordek says:

    Screw the gun he has a hand? Full body prosthesis

  15. Edgard Lepré says:

    What the hell is this crap? Its something like iron man without money, without talent and crippled. Its a Man in a suit!!! Robocop was a machine with dead body parts…I have a better robocop movie than this in a Vhs. Thanks… perhaps one day i will see this movie here… in youtube.

  16. Manbat McBrain says:

    Rated PG-13 i’ll see it on Netflix
    Rated R / NC-17 See you opening day.
    Your move studio.

  17. Ʊ∩ĿΞΔSĦΞĐ says:

    Silver is the best.

  18. Ynffy says:

    PG-13… blow me.

  19. Ʊ∩ĿΞΔSĦΞĐ says:

    Michael Keaton plays Steve Jobs…

  20. umega5 says:

    They changed the gun….. its so terrible…….

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